Randon Reasons Why I Write#4

fallAutumn is my favorite time of the year. The turning of leaves to warm hues of orange,red,yellow and brown, Dunkin’s determination to use pumpkin in all of their food items and of course Halloween. A good and cozy feeling from past falls eons ago is of  my first scholastic book coming in the mail which I had ordered in school ( or did I pick it up in class ?) I believe it was a ghost story ,can’t remember the tittle (was it The Haunted Ranch ?) about brother and sister siblings while spending the Summer on their Grand parents ranch attempt to do some ghost busting and solve the mystery of who or what is haunting the place. Curling up in an old arm chair in my parents bedroom, I got totally in to the book, my imagination riding along with a to this day long forgotten writer, from the feel of the moon light to the aroma Grand ma’s chicken and biscuits she whipped up for when her grand children arrive at the ranch. Sadly like an unintended Harris Burdick scenario I most likely will never know the writer’s name nor he or she know that experience inched me towards written.

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