The Tiffany Affair

Part 2

The late 60’s as everyone remembers where a turbulent time, but for me it was a time for a sister to find herself. Leaving home I had disappointed my parents Ernst and Sharon Dawson back home in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn by not attending Oberlin college on a scholarship in chemistry, with aunt Stella’s home in Cleveland as a base as planned instead restless, I detoured to Reno Nevada. There I got a gig as a dishwasher then parleyed with my gift of gab and my dark chocolate legs a job as the first show girl of color in the Kings Castle Casino partying along the way with celebs like Lola Falana ,Stu Gillian, The Four Tops and Redd Foxx. I then got a gun permit and switched to working as a Kings Casino security officer again breaking the color barrier. My nick name was “semi sweet chocolate” because as a security officer I played no games when it came to unruly customers. But by 1971 me being me I was again restless and home sick for Brooklyn , so after promising to attend classes a CCNY to my parents they let me move back in. I changed my hair from a perm to bantu knots and with the new look settled in their basement.

” Have a seat Miss Dawson. Can I call you Everina?”Mr. Cavendish is rubbing between his fingers fish food into an open lid of a hexagon aquarium for his Koi to take regal nibbles. A wall of old books which I know would bore me are set neat behind his desk which he sits back behind after his pets feeding time.

“Okay here’s the deal. I need for you to fill in for Hulan on an insurance fraud case. Hulan’s working on upgrading our computer system to next generation IBM’s, which by the way is costing me an arm and a leg.” Cavendish looks way too young to be an owner of a company, in a forest green suit, pin stripe green shirt with a Peter Max designed tie. Long midnight black hair drapes his shoulders, green tint glasses hid ice blue eyes. According to Hulan he served under Cavendish in NAM and that Cavendish is a brother which could have fooled me considering his skin tone is ofay city. But I groovy and kumbaya with that.

I have a love jones for Hulan.

To be continued

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