The Tiffany Affair

Part 15

“Trust me if it’s sanctioned by the New York City of Special Concerns then we go on a hunt for out of controlled mobsters, renegade vampires, thugs and were wolf packs with attitude problems,” said Madison. “So how does that sound to you Everina ?”

Against my better judgement I told my parents about my new life, but it just rolled off their middle class backs until one Saturday morning I stumbled into their house with a crimson stained dress and the taste of mobster blood on my breath. Mama locked me in the basement (with the vampire strength I now owned I could have ripped the door off the hinges or lift a car for that matter ) got her bible and prayed with Dad until Susan came and got me, telling them it would be best that I move out. Sadly I could only from now on get in contact with them through my cousin Henry. The last time I saw my parents was at their funerals, first Dad then Mama and even then from a distance and through dark shades. It is 2021 and Susan with her funny goose laughing self is what they call these days my bestie. I’m now Everina Dawson-Brown and Hulan my hubby and I have a brownstone in Harlem. Madison is the CEO of Caventech which we as occult detectives use as a cover to investigate affairs of the strange and mundane. Godfery Daniel I mean god damn, this sisters found herself.


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