Five questions for Kevin Entwistle grand son of author/occultist Rollo Ahmed

James Goodridge

rollo5 James Goodridge: Tell us about your grandfather:

Kevin Entwistle : ” I believe nothing is purposely hidden it is for us to invent to design to investigate, to claim and to attain. Everything is ours when we have earned it through effort and have evolved sufficiently to grasp it.”

Rollo Ahmed 1936

(JG) : Did your parents ever talk about him or his work?


(KE) : No. Only my father who explained all the circumstances of past happenings and the past practices of my grandfather’s work. In general my father and his sibling had a fun and normal childhood. Rollo kept a lot of secrets even from the family.

(JG) : The Black Arts was a ground breaking book written by your grandfather on the occult world back then and over the years is still relevant. How do you feel about it on a personal level ?

(KE) : Written…

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