The Lost Tapes

Part 1

” I need more time Ross,” pleaded Sully Grunwald, smart phone in one hand, 32oz Burger King cup half filled with “Old Taylor” and slowly melting ice in the other. On the other end of the taunt conversation was Laird Ross. An unattended Merit cigarette was burning itself out in a butt bucket, within Sully’s reach. ” Look you old grunge rock fool, with the pandemic and all I’ve given you more than enough time to find the tapes, the city is back up and running. I can’t hold my investors off any longer on this investment. The studio has to be demolished so I can use my air rights to build high rises. As they say time is money bro. Stop shitting on me!”

The tapes in question were considered the holy grail of the jazz world. Azure Crenshaw a giant in the world of jazz, was last seen walking out of a New York studio, the legendary Sound Cave studios on West 52nd street one evening in 1979, both he and the tapes never to be seen and heard from again. ” Please Ross I’ve made progress. I’ve found a cracked wall down in the basement vault, looks hallow on the other side from what I can see,” said Sully a silver haired slim bodied man sitting on a recliner in a worn out New York football Giants bath robe the only light in his living room came from his lap top monitor. Over the decades Sully was the go to man for mixing musical masters pieces in all music genres, but now in retirement both online and in the flesh visits to AC down the Jersey Shore had screwed up his savings. Sully needed cash.

” Listen I don’t have time for this MC rap boy Sully. Plus who the Hell listens to jazz these days any way?” said Ross with his constant music genre belittling of the old man.

” Why you son of a … er… listen Mr. Ross as I told you time and time again. At the time of his disappearance he was right up there with Miles Davis,” Sully swore Ross had ADHD, but never considered, the fact that Ross just didn’t care. ” Google the names please.”

After a few New York minutes of silence. ” Okay disco dude continue.” said Ross after a google and wiki search. He now smelled money along with Ross.

To be continued

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