The Lost Tapes

Part 2

Sully continued. “The day he stepped out of sound cave studios he was to bring the masters to GRT records up in Toronto but when he didn’t show up GRT was pissed, but waited knowing how much of a temperamental ass hole Crenshaw could be,but as time went on he became a missing persons case then a cold case, what little family he had, had him declared legally dead . His official work has become public domain since no family member is left to handle his estate. We find the tapes we’ll be sitting pretty good.” I finally got “Mr. hedge fund /real estate fucker” Sully thought.

“Okay you’ve got two more days heavy metal bro. Better produce,” said Ross ending the phone conversation hoping the old fart would deliver, while on the other end Sully flipped the phone the bird.

Two days later…

After so many impatient knocks on tinted glass door taped ove with New York City construction permit notices Sully unlocked the doors to let a frowning young mogul in wearing a single breasted gray suit with a blond man bun atop his head.

“Alright soul man where’s it at?” said Ross looking at his Rolex , while pulling off his N95.

” For Christ’s sake can’t you just call me Sully? It’s not that hard.” wrangled Sully in a wrinkled olive drab gaberdine suit, under it an old AC/DC tee shirt, his mask which he lowered to Ross back pedaled social distancing had the printed image of the Sonic Youth album Goo.

” Okay SULLY! Let’s keep it moving.” condescending to Sully, Ross grabbed the flash light offered to him out of Sully’s hand.

“Follow me. Keep your flash light on the floor at times, the work men have taken up some of the carpet,” said Sully. Leading the young man trough the lobby he stopped to open two wood doors, which in turn opened to a second lobby, a circular area, there doors had faded plaques attached to them. Pink, Ocher, Blue and Amber were the named studios which over the years produced hit albums from the Trammps to Joe Tex to Brownsville Station. And of course Azure Crenshaw. But instead of entering the studios Sully led Ross to a dust laced, paint peeling red door, which led to some where unknown.

To be continued

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