The Lost Tapes

Part 3

” Bro ! How far down does this stairway go funky man, oh sorry SULLY ?!” Ross wasn’t uneasy about the tightness of the stairway as much as the time sensitiveness of his schedule. Neon lights over head helped out their flash lights.

” We’re here,” said Sully. The here was a glorified storage room, which could need be entomb a soul for all eternity, unless interrupted by construction.

” Bingo, bango, bongo Ross there they are !” yelled Sully pointing the beam of his flash light, to a small hole in the storage room wall four feet by four feet. In front of the small abyss was a old wooden milk crate with a long ago defunct Gold Medal milk company logo stenciled on its sides. Inside the crate wrapped in plastic six card board boxes containing professional grade TDK reel to reel tapes, faded black sharpie pen markings identified them : A. Crenshaw / “Divertido” album Sound Cave sessions 1978-1979. Bingo,bango,bongo was right.

” You can look them over if you want, then we can go upstairs into what is left of the green studio, I have a reel to reel hooked up so we can sample Crenshaw and I’s master work. Crenshaw’s rendition of Sonny and Monk’s ” Friday The 13th” and a disco version thirty minutes in length of Miles ” Prince of Darkness” are killer dillers,” beamed Sully.

” Analog man what do you fucking mean Crenshaw and you? You had Jack bone shit to do with his fucking work I put forth to you, except turn knobs, fetch coffee or maybe a pint of wine for his ass,” chuckled Ross. “This is my property, MY PROPERTY and those freaking tapes belong to me! I tell you what I’ll give you a nice wavy lit fee for the tapes. Say oh… two hundred.”

It was right then that both men surmised that a deadly change in plans was needed.

To be continued

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