The Lost Tapes

Part 4

Sully’s was to kill Ross, seal him up inside the wall and sell the master tapes, While Ross was going to tie Sully up in court over ownership until the old bastard croaked. Sully raised his flash light aiming to come down on Ross’ head, but Ross side stepped him. Flash lights dropped to the sheet rock and asbestos dust covered floor as both men, dropped to the floor in a death grapple , pairing Ross’ millennial sadistic force versus Sully’s baby boomer, doughy arm yet adrenaline filled rage. Flash lights rolled around on the floor as a punch from Sully made blood squirt out from Ross’ nose, but Ross threw a punch to Sully’s left jaw that made the old studio engineer howl.

” What boomer, left over bro what? Did I knock your dentures loose?!” yelled Ross using the the “left over” term to describe old school New York area folks that hadn’t been pushed out by gentrification.” Need some fixodent bro?! I was going to keep you going back and forth to court until you became worm food, but, now I think you’ll fit nicely in that hole back there, you old jazz, R&B, punk, elevator muzak , house music turd!” Ross straddling the old man splayed out on the floor, wiped his crimson leaking nose by lifting one of Sully’s suit sleeves, while Sully gasped from the human weight on his chest for air.

” Should I strangle the life out of you or keep bashing your freaking face in?” before Ross could continue the debate, Sully blind sided him on his right temple with his flash light the blow sounding like a ball coming off a baseball bat going yard, no doubt the blow would have had a high exit velo. It also loosed his man bun.

” How ya like me know Emo, Trap house, K pop fucker! wheezed Sully as the instantly late Laird Ross crumpled on top of him.

To be continued

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