The Lost Tapes

Part 5

Sully pushed Ross’s lifeless body off of him, wheezing up staggering Sully braced himself to stand using a dusty metal storage stand now spattered with blood. Digging into his suit pocket Sully pulled out a soft pack of Merits and after flinging a few broken cigarettes out the pack, found a Merit still intact to smoke.

“Just couldn’t put a filter on your freaking mouth, Ross could you !” wheezed and coughed Sully between puffs.

” And you still claiming credit for shit I did,” came a whisky soaked voice that came from every where and nowhere.

” Screw you Ross I’ll-” yelled Sully at Ross’ corpse before realizing there was a third person in the room. Stepping into the dim light was a phantom gray in pallor, his skin the few patches you could see were once mocha, polyester suit once canary yellow now a mildew green gray along with a tattered Panama hat, all this as the room filled with the stench of death. Standing in front of the studio engineer who those long ago in the industry said had the Midas touch. In death Azure Crenshaw wasn’t holding up after so many years.

” Aww I’m not scared of you Crenshaw.” said Sully nervously trying to relight his Merit, missing the tip and engulfing what’s left of it in flames.

” Son you should be,” said Crenshaw his wheezing more eternal than Sully’s.

To be continued

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